Mark Macarro Named on Capitol Weekly Top 100 List

Mark Macarro pic

Mark Macarro

Based in Temecula, California, Mark Macarro has served the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians as an elected tribal chairman for the last 14 years. In celebration of his political accomplishments, the Capitol Weekly named Mark Macarro among its 2014 list of Who’s Who in California’s political sphere.

Since 2012, Capitol Weekly has maintained a dedication to providing political insight and education to the residents of California while also serving as an avenue through which they can easily connect with local officials. One of the publication’s most prominent reports is its annual Top 100 list. A thorough and objective look at California politics, this list has included everything from fundraisers to board members.

Capitol Weekly’s 2014 Top 100 list recognized several prominent names from local political organizations, parties, and lobbying groups. In the 39th spot on its ranking, the publication acknowledged Macarro for his contributions to the area of tribal gaming. Most notably, Capitol Weekly mentioned his support of propositions that brought the issue all the way to the state Capitol and helped pave the way for the authorization of off-reservation casinos.


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