A Brief Overview of Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 List

Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 List pic

Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 List
Image: capitolweekly.net

Mark Macarro has served as the tribal chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians since 2002. Mark Macarro focuses much of his attention on political support of laws related to tribal gaming and off-reservation casinos. His efforts on behalf of the community were recognized in 2014, when he received a spot on Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 List as an unelected political figure.

Each year, Capitol Weekly, which covers California politics and government, releases a list of prominent Californian citizens who have had a positive influence on their communities or the state. The list most often includes attorneys and fundraising professionals working in the political sector.

In 2014, however, Capitol Weekly decided to highlight other individuals making strides in government-related work. Those listed were notable for playing a valuable role in Los Angeles politics as well as contributing to the work of the California Endowment and the University of California. In addition, the California Professional Firefighters president and a Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations representative received spots among the top 100. To learn more about the list and those honored, visit www.capitolweekly.net.


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