University of California, Santa Barbara – The Sedgewick Reserve

Sedgewick Reserve pic

Sedgewick Reserve

Since 2002, Mark Macarro has served the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians as tribal chairman. Recognized as one of Capitol Weekly’s 2013 Top Political Movers and Shakers in California, he also holds the position of alternate area vice president for the Pacific Region of the National Congress of the American Indians. Mark Macarro earned a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, which contributes to efforts to preserve the Sedgwick Reserve in Santa Ynez Valley.

Consisting of 6,000 acres, the Sedgwick Reserve belongs to the UC Natural Reserve System, which dates back to 1965 and offers undisturbed environments for research and public service. The reserve boasts rolling hills and large areas of grassland, contrasted by a ridge of serpentine rock. In addition to its oak savannas and coastal sage scrub, the Sedgewick reserve features a diverse array of wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, golden eagles, tarantulas, pallid bats, and some 200 species of moths.

Serving as a venue for research and education, the Sedgewick Reserve draws astrophysicists interested in using the Byrne Observatory Telescope. It also hosts a variety of events from monthly hikes and workshops to public lectures and community events led by volunteer docents.

To learn more about the Sedgewick Reserve, visit


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