NARF – Protecting Tribal Natural Resources

Native American Rights Fund pic

Native American Rights Fund

The tribal chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians in Temecula, California, Mark Macarro has offered significant contributions in making tribal gaming acceptable to the public. Mark Macarro serves as a board member of the Native Americans Rights Fund (NARF).

NARF is the biggest and oldest nonprofit law firm committed to upholding and safeguarding the rights of Indian tribes, individuals, and organizations throughout the country. One of its five priority areas is protecting tribal natural resources. Indian lands hold a diverse range of natural resources, including timber, gas, and oil.

The government, as stated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, presently holds in trust 56.2 million acres of land for individual Indians as well as tribes. NARF’s focuses its efforts in upholding tribal resource rights and safeguarding these resources from destruction and misuse by non-Indians. Among the major resources the organization protects include water rights, land rights, fishing and hunting rights, judicious development of mineral resources, and environmental rights.


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