Advocacy Efforts of the Native American Rights Fund


Native American Rights Fund pic

Native American Rights Fund

Annually ranked as one of California’s most effective political advocates, Mark Macarro bases his work on his tribal chairmanship of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. Mark Macarro is affiliated with several national organizations, including the Native American Rights Fund (NARF).

One of the major missions of NARF is the recognition and preservation of Native American tribes, notably the customs and culture of the tribes. NARF exists to secure the tribes’ rights to a continued sovereign presence in relation to the United States government.

NARF recognizes that many tribes have signed treaties with the US government. In cases where tribes have gone unrecognized or treaties have been terminated by US agencies, NARF works to set up new relations.

For example, NARF pushed for recognition of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe of Virginia. After decades of researching the tribe’s history, NARF prevailed on the US Department of the Interior to recognize the Pamunkey in 2015.

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